Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to DeMarier

Guidance on gracing your interiors with our wallpapers.

What distinguishes DeMarier wallpapers?

-Our commitment to making your space a thing of beauty is always top priority. Each design is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, blending timeless artistry with modern sophistication.

How do I choose the perfect wallpaper for my space?

-Let your space speak its own language of style. Consider the room's purpose, lighting, and dimensions. Our consultants are at your service to tailor advice, ensuring a choice that resonates with your aesthetic desires.

Are DeMarier wallpapers suitable for all rooms?

-From the damp embrace of a bathroom to the sunlit grace of a living room, our collections are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring a majestic backdrop to every room's story. Simply make sure that they are placed in places that don't receive direct moisture and have proper ventilation.

What is the estimated delivery time for orders?

-As each roll is a crafted work of art, allow for a creation and delivery timeline that reflects the care and precision invested in your wallpaper. Typically, the journey from our studio to your home spans three to four weeks.

How can I install DeMarier wallpaper?

-Installation is an art form in itself. We recommend the expertise of a professional installer, ensuring the final touch to your space is executed with precision. Detailed instructions can be found under the discovery tab for those who wish to personally undertake the transformation.

What is your return policy on made-to-order wallpapers?

-In the realm of made to order, each order is created just for its destined space. As such, returns are reserved for instances of defect or damage, with our support team always ready to assist in resolution.

How do I care for my DeMarier wallpaper?

-Preserve the beauty of your wallpaper with gentle cleaning using a damp cloth. For specific care instructions tailored to the unique materials of your chosen material, refer to our detailed care guide.